SEO in Malaga

If you are looking to get make more money and profit then you should be interested in this. Having a great looking website is definitely a good idea, but one of the problems is not enough people are viewing your site. If you want to increase your profits then getting higher on google search results is one of the best ways to get more people viewing your site which results in more sales.

When we build websites we optimise the pages of the sites using on page search engine optimisation which helps the pages to be ranked on google, but sometimes this is not enough, especially in competitive markets and you don't want to see your competitors sites high in the search engine results but not your site. Here is an example of this site: -
seo in malaga
Where you rank can be addressed but it is not usually an easy job to acheive the better rankings. There are quite a lot of factors that affect where your site will rank and there are lots of tactics and skills that can be used to increase your ranking. These take time and skill but do work and do increase traffic to your pages, and this increases business and sales.

There are a lot of companies offering seo (search engine optimisation) and prices vary. Some companies just have a punch line of we will get you on the 1st page of google in 10 minutes etc. The only way this is possible is by paying for the sponsored ads. We can offer this but it is much better to acheive a ranking on the main natural results, why?, well ask yourself how often do you click on the sponsored links. Stats show that people click more on the top few sites of the natural results,so being on the top is ideal (not always possible) but also being on the first page makes a big difference. Being on the second page will still increase the traffic to your site and even the third page will get you some traffic.

If you are interested in having your site on the first page of google for the best keyword search terms for your site, (and not fobbed off with an easy to rank search term that has no competition), then get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Nothing like proof, so here are some examples of sites that have had time spent on them regarding their search engine rankings. All these results listed can be verified by doing the searches yourself, usually we get asked to optimise for the UK version of google ( as this is what most people ask us to do.

Here is a list of sites, you can see they were sites made by blue2 as they usually have the blue2 link at the bottom of the site and are featured on the portfolio page. (Please note the sites do vary a little from day to day in the exact placings.)

Website being promotedGoogle Keyword Search TermPosition on of difficulty
mobility-spain.commobility scooters spain1st/2ndHard
decor8spain.comdecorators in costa del sol1stAverage
marbelladentalart.commarbella dentist2ndHard